Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michael and Mathew

Michael and Mathew are still in Port-Au-Prince. They are collecting information on orphanages that have no relief. So far they have located 10 such facilities.

Mathew is Hatian-American; his family is still there and he/Michael are taking advantage of having transportation to go into the community.

Now that need has been identified Michael and Mathew need supply. They need food, water, medical supplies tents etc to deliver to these orphanages.

Anyone who knows an organization that is collecting supplies let me know. It is possible to get a private aircraft into PaP without a lot of grief (we will have to organize the logistics but I can do that as well as get someone to pay for the aircraft) and deliver the supply to the general aviation terminal. Mathew and his extended family can take it from there.

Anyone want to help?

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