Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally relief getting through.

Michael and Mathew have persevered and are having success.

As documented in Michael's blog they have identified dozens of communities of needy children. These communities have not had food water or supplies delivered. The media has plenty of information on why this is happening; the firsthand information is in the early days of this diary.

The Salvation Army allowed Michael and Mathew to stay at the camp; very good as they asked us all to leave a week ago. Maybe things have settled down in the administration of the SA there in PAP. I do know that Bob Poff has returned as of Saturday.

Michael and Mathew have been able to secure small truckloads of supply to deliver to the most desperate people they have located; supply from the SA. They have made deep contact with a Canadian Army unit to provide manpower. Now the Salvation Army is providing a significant aid flow to these two caring and dedicated volunteers. Great news for the people of Haiti especially the children who have had so much devastation visited upon them in the last three weeks.

Keep it up guys wish I could be there.

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