Sunday, January 24, 2010

Been home 24 hours

Larry King on CNN is running a two hour celebrity telethon. Lots of Hollywood types trying to get money for Unicef and Red Cross. Unicef is great; the Red Cross spend a very small percentage of donations in actual delivery I am not a fan.

I spent some time trying to get information on Jordan, Josiah, Michael and Mathew. No news yet. That's causing me some concern as there was a 5.x aftershock again today. I hope someone will get back to me soon.

Lots of things to think about on an individual action basis (did I do anything of value) and watching the coverage and wondering if the administrators of the various entities trying help really understand that food and water must get into the destroyed neighborhoods soon. The Larry King show has a couple of folks who get it, so maybe so. Tia Leoni really understands and Alyssa Milano knows what is going on. That is heartening.

Media seem to think the population is moving into the countryside. That's not what I know and I do not understand why that would be a good thing. Efforts need to continue and expand to get aid delivery and medical care into the neighborhoods. I don't care what Wycliff Jean says. You aren't going to depopulate an urban population while a government with no money and an international aid community with no interest try to do a half-assed job rebuilding the city. People in the countryside are hungry they just aren't as hungry as the city. Unless an extra two million people move out there. Let the citizens of Port-au-Prince rebuild their city themselves. The Haitians I met are proud and hard working people they can get it done if they have the funds. And they are staying outside their destroyed homes.

I am probably going to stop posting in the next couple of days unless something significant happens. I was really happy to see the Globe and Mail article on the overland distribution of aid I think that is the real short term solution to supply. I was involved in the initial discussion with Chris and Ray so it is good that information is getting out. The pipeline is functioning.

Vegar has been moved out of the Airport into a Santo Domingo office of the UN and he is going to PaP in a couple of days. I know he will do well for the people of Haiti.

Brian is home I haven't heard from him.

I spent the morning with Nora and Samantha what a healing process being around those miracles can be. Lunch with Mom James JR and Carol talking about Haiti; everyone at the Beacon coming over and giving me a hug. JR came over for the afternoon and provided me some good talk. That was great for me and I am feeling fully integrated back into the world.

I will sign off for tonight and thank everyone for their support.



  1. Hi Rick. This is Karen Tart. I saw your post on Michael's forum. I wanted to let you know that he and Mathew are doing well. They have been locating orphanages (12 as of yesterday). I have been working very hard to try and find him an agency to partner with so he can get aid to these orphanages, but I have unfortunately, had no luck to date. I have Michael's cell phone and will pass along your number to him. Try not to be discouraged by what you see on TV and what you know for yourself to be the true case in Haiti. We must continue to believe and have faith that we can make a difference, because without people like us, those people in Haiti will suffer even more.

  2. BTW, if you want to contact me, my email is or you can search for Karen Tart on Facebook.


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