Thursday, January 28, 2010

Michael and Mathew continue to work

Michael and Mathew continue to identify unmet needs specifically under-served or un-served orphanages.

On Wednesday they actually took a pickup truck of supply provided by the Salvation Army to a group of 200 children living on the ground outside of town. Great that the SA is working with the guys. They are still bunking in the tent in the courtyard.

Meanwhile I have been able to get a solid contact with USAID who says that if we can provide specifics (location, population, supply status, medical needs) of these orphanages he can assure us that USAID will get to them.

If this actually pans out Michael and Mathew will have accomplished the near impossible: they will have gotten a major aid delivery organization to listen to a couple of volunteers who are out there on their own trying to save lives. It looks good right now but in this situation an arrangement can fall apart in an instant due to bureaucracy or other external events.

Wish the guys well.


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