Monday, January 18, 2010

Cearatigger asks a valid question. The answer is that we are airlifting; the lift does not have any place close to the need in which to land.

It i smy opinion, and opinion only, that the military is tasked with securing the operating base (Port-au-Prince airport) and then when that is complete moving forward with increasing cycles.

The US military is executing the mission assigned. The fact is that in the opinion of the experts this load is the largest load that the facility can handle in its present condition.

The solution is multi-fold:

1. Get aid in by road from the nearest major air entry point. That is Santo Domingo
2. Improve the traffic cycle capability of PaP
3. Improve the capability of delivering to the site of need those supplies that are arriving by any means.

I will tell you that in my opinion any aircraft permitted to land that does not have direct aid tasking is wrong. Politicians' aircraft, news media aircraft and commercial traffic all of it needs to be downgraded in priority to support the humanitarian mission. Anything that can land elsewhere and drive overland needs to do so. I hope that is the case I have not seen any figures indicating the various traffic types that constitute 100% use of the field's capacity at this time. I would like that information.

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