Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday 14 February

Spent today doing technical assessment at the location where the government will be moving; they need a lot more space than the damaged HQ of the national police. We also did a driving evaluation of previously selected WiMax antenna sites. Some are gone so MultiLink will have to re-engineer those locations for coverage that matched the pre-earthquake plan.

MultiLink has a plan to provide high speed Internet to the entirety of PAP in 12 months and the rest of Haiti in 2-3 years. This plan, two years in the making, was finished in December 2009. Now the destruction of the infrastructure the following month. Strange. The technology is straighforward there are business hurdles only. The institution of top shelf Internet capability can not help but create economic (and therefore social) opportunity that did not exist in the past without regard to the earthquake of 12 January. I expect to continue to provide whatever assistance I am able in this project.

Tomorrow I will be PMing the installation of the infrastructure at the Univerisite so that classes may resume on Wednesday following. I expect to be finished early enough to catch a 4 PM Air Force flight to Miami. That is the plan now; one must be flexible in this environment.

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