Saturday, February 6, 2010

Michael and Mathew again

The food and water supplies are flowing freely in Port-au-Prince. Michael and Mathew work with the Salvation Army and the Canadian military are getting supplies to all of the unidentified orphanages. Good news.

The next stage that the guys are working on is clean water and clothing.

On the clean water side there is a factory on site that is making ceramic water filtration systems. The system costs $ 30 and will support an entire family's water needs. Michael has made an arrangement with the company for people to buy a filter unit online and it will be distributed by the 82nd Airborne division of the US Army.

This is a great way for anyone to contribute directly to the need. No scams, no administration cost and no transportation costs. If anyone wants to spend the $30 here is how you do it:

1. Go here: and select the 'Donate Now" blue button
2. In the second address line of the checkout write "for Michael's Orphanages"
3. The filter system will be delivered to a family who needs clean water

Secondly there is a huge need for clothing. One million people are homeless. Not only without a home but without clothing or shoes.

Michael has asked me to get together a load of clothes. New clothes not used. Anything for a hot climate for children, women or men. Flip flops are a great item as well. The vast majority of the homeless do not have shoes and the ground is littered with every sort of sharp and broken material you can imagine. Tetanus is killing people.

I will work on getting a clothing load together and figure out some way to transport it to PaP. Anyone have a jet they want to loan me? The 82nd Airborne is again going to do the distribution.

So to anyone who has been wanting to give to a direct need here are two ways to do it and know for sure the entirety of whatever you give will go directly to families that have lost everything.

If you ware trying to decide which of the two initiatives to support the water filters are most urgently needed.

Email me or post a comment if you want further information.


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