Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back in Port-au-Prince

After some delays and miscommunications yesterday I flew from Miami to Port-au-Prince on a Medishare flight carrying a replacement staff for the University of Miami hospital. 100+ volunteers anxious about what they would have to deal with and anxious to get to work helping.

Landed well after dark and was met at the airport by Paolo, onwer of MultiLink the internet provider here. I am staying at his home in the hills over the city. A lovely and comfortable place with the amenities of home.

Impressions of the city one month after I left:

It is much quieter
We drove through a lot of hte city and I saw many less people living out on the street.
Electricity is much more common. Quite a few lights.
The airport did not have a crowd outside of the security gates.

Things seem to quite a bit better. Now that the aid is flowing in for basic subsistence the care of the Haitian people and the construction of physical assets must begin.

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