Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Nora story

I have been posting for a month and have managed to avoid telling any Nora stories. For the uninformed Nora is Aaron and Evelyn's oldest child and my grand-daughter. She is four years old going on 40.

Nora helped me pack my backpack this afternoon. Nora understands that Poppy went away to help the children. She asked today why I had to go away again and I told her I was going to help the children again.

One of the items that Nora put in my pack is a one pound bag of peppermints. I keep some in my pocket and hand them out to the kids I run into. I started doing this at Katrina and have found I am rewarded with a lifetime of smiles. Nora likes her sweets. She held the bag and asked me why I was taking it. I explained that I give the candy to the children. I told her that many of the children had never had candy.

Nora looked at me and put the candy in my pack. She said 'Poppy next time you go to the store can you buy some candy for Samantha and me?'

What a kid.

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