Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back in the US Tuesday February 16

Very long day Monday scavenging equipment to set up an internet point of presence at the Universitie in advance of the visit of the President of France on Wednesday. Georges Albert and myself worked it til almost dark finally getting the installation done using a tree as the anchor for the antenna. Emergency measure for emergency times. Pictures to post of that tomorrow.

Lot sof wonderful things going on in Haiti as respects how the reconstruction of the physical. technical and social infrsatructure will occur. I was honored to have the opportunity to meet with and share ideas with a nover of individuals at the minsterial level. There are very good Haitian minds taking a look at the past the present and the future. I am excited about the future of Haiti to create significant good from the dust and rubble of this terrible tragedy.

I found out the hard way the US government is not doing evac flights any more. Very few if any seats for citizens who show up at the airport. The airlift into Haiti of supply is over from the US government's perspective therefore not any available seating for ordinary citizens. I have the sore back and mosquito bites of another night trying to sleep on the gorund (actually a row of disused waiting room seats) inside the airport compound last night. I paid highway robbery procies for a seat on a turboprop to Las Isabella this morning, $ 60 cab ride to Santo Domingo Airport then a las tminute American ticket to Miami I don't even want to think of the cost of that one. I do not mind the feds/Air Force stopped the flight program. I just wished someone had put out that information so I and the hundreds out at the airport this morning could have made initial plans for alternatives rather than just being told' no you can not get on an airplane' by a sulry asshole of a US consular official. Unpleasant and uncomfortable.

More tomorrow I am worn out.


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