Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have a round 11 technology projects in some stage of completion in Haiti. NGOs and government ministries.

I have been beating the bush to secure equipment donations and all I have managed generally is a bunch of thorns from the bushes.

This week I have received donations of the following:

Cisco networking equipment
SAN storage gear
A bunch of monitors for desktops
A large brand new UPS unit
At least 80 desktop computers with fresh Windows operating systems and monitors
Quite a few servers

This equipment is going to do three projects in total and contribute equipment to three others. Schools are going to be the recipients of the bulk of the gear; adult literacy programs are the focal point.

This is exciting. Now the challenge: I have to get the equipment from the US to Haiti. I am working on donor transport but right now it looks like it's got to be payment for shipping. Oh well.

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