Monday, May 10, 2010


Fair warning. This is a rant. For a lot of reason I will not explain I am fairly well placed in a space where I am fed up.

I was just on my balcony have a cigarette before going to bed. My balcony looks across the Hudson River at the World Trade Center. I was comparing in my mind the events of 9/11 and the Haitian earthquake. Then I thought about Katrina.

In Katrina we lost under 3,000 Americans. On 9/11 the death toll was about the same. Between these two events the US government and US charities spent a lot of money. $ 300 billion dollars perhaps?

We are failing our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

$ 300 billion dollars would feed the population of Haiti, pre 12 January, for 60 years. If every single Haitian sat down on the ground and did no not do a thing our expenditures for the two events here in the good old USA would feed them all for sixty damned years. Two generations.

People I knew died on 9/11. i was as upset about that event as anyone. I went to Katrina and spent all of my money helping people. I borrowed everything I could and spent that too. I still haven't paid off those bills. I feel that I am justified in commenting on those events and on Haiti.

The ugliness in our society has just simply reached a level that I am not able to tolerate. People in Haiti die every day. And in Sudan. And in Yemen. And in Uruguay. And in West Virginia. And in Miami. Mumbai. Name a place.

We live our lives of indescribable luxury. We do our little bitty things to 'help' and go on with our soccer matches and our lunches at work and our prewashed blue jeans. And we ignore the suffering on our planet.

I watched a man die on the streets of Port au Prince yesterday. Nothing special except to those who loved him and trust me there were people who loved him. Children starved to death today on this planet. Mothers cried that cry that is unique; most of us here in our pampered palaces do not know that sound. I do.

Haiti is one hour and 20 minutes from Miami by air. At least four airlines fly to Port au Prince on a regular schedule these days. It cost me $ 160 to fly to Port au Prince last week.

So tell me good and caring Americans: why aren't those airplanes full of you going to Haiti with your baggage full food? Why are there tens of thousands of people in Haiti whose minds have broken wandering around without a therapist to counsel and heal them? We have lots of shrinks here. Why aren't they there?

So we argue our silly political arguments. We actually give a rolling shit if Rush Limbaugh really speaks for the right. People spend millions of dollars arguing over a woman's right to an abortion.

Get over yourselves. You are spoiled. Your concerns are just about 100% childish. You won't go hungry in America. Your biggest concern will be the wound to your pride if you have to get food stamps. You can go to a hospital and get treated; if you do not have insurance you may get nasty telephone calls from a bill collector. Oh goodness, a bad phone call.

Live in a tent during a six hour torrential downpour. Do that when your four year old child has pneumonia. And your elderly mother (old at 50 in Haiti) has one leg because she got slammed by a concrete block on 12 January. Know that whatever you do your child will probably die and when your mother is too much of a burden that you will turn her out on to the street because you simply can not take care of everyone around you who is in need.

You are spoiled rotten. That's not your fault your parents, your society, did that. You are an adult. It is your responsibility to live your own life now. Care about others; care about strangers. Spend all of your money and walk away from your job and abandon the competition with who has the nicest car or the prettiest dress or the best record on liberal social causes. Get over yourself you are not all that important.

You do not matter any more than the naked woman walking the crowded streets yesterday or the nice man who fell over and died while I looked in his eyes. Yesterday. The people who never had a chance because they have had bad government and bad schools and bad luck.

Shut up about what matters to you. I don't care. I am sitting here watching Keith Olberman and if I had the opportunity I would walk in his studio on-air and ask him 'what have you done for Haiti?'.

What have you done for Haiti?

I have the answer: nothing. If you had I would have met you there because you know what? I have.

Shame on you.


  1. How dare you? I just returned from Haiti. I spent my only 2 week vacation providing free health care. I didn't meet you did I?

  2. I dare because what I say is true on facts and I am expressing my opinions on those items.

    The fact that you gave up your vacation for Haiti is great. Good for you. Good for Haiti. I wish another half a million people would do the same.

    Sure we might have met however I do not recall anyone named Anonymous.

  3. Rick
    My sister and brother-in-law are Christian missionaries in Port-au-Prince. They are with the CSI group out of Indiana and were there when the earthquake hit. She is also a teacher in a private Christian school. Many family members and friends support them through their main organization and individually. Much of the funds for their personal programs comes from the local Jewish Federation and its members. One of the main programs Carol and Tim have is distributing coupons for fresh water. Their group also has a clinic and orphanage for unadoptable children. Tim is building special houses.
    Yes, ranting can be good. I believe like you that not enough is being done properly through the 'big picture' organizations. but I believe a lot is being done through individual and small groups. I wish some of the billions would go to these small groups. However, communication is so poor that most groups don't know what other groups do or have done. Much of what is done is under the radar.
    Carol sends us an update almost weekly of life in Haiti and things they do, CSI does, and the school does. I distribute it to over 100 individuals just to keep Haiti at least in their thoughts and prayers. I know that several of my doctors have been in and out and I haven't seen their names in the paper.
    Many people have told me they know others who have been, but they've never met my sister or her organization or seen the school (which by the way was used early on by the US military because it has better buildings than most).
    It is apparent that you are frustrated and disappointed, but there are many people you will never meet or programs you will never hear about. That seems to be the nature of the beast. Everyone is not like you and Anonymous...we all don't have the skills or personality or character (whatever you want to call it) to do what you, my sister, her husband and many others do. So my prayer is that the people who can really help keep helping in whatever works for them. By the way, what would Haiti do if another half a million showed up?
    Andrea Frank
    PS - this is my second try at commenting on your blog and I apologize if this shows up twice, but I got a message saying Service Denied when I tried to send the first one.

  4. Andrea:

    Thank you for the comment. I applaud all who server everywhere not just in Haiti and not just in the response to the earthquake.

    I agree very much of what is happening is under the radar; something that contributes to the lack of interest in our society.

    I am aware that thousands are serving; we have have a population of over 300 million. I stand by my rant.

    I have open comment with no editing so I am sorry you had a problem it must have been on google's technology.


  5. Yes, it may be a drop in the bucket, but there are still groups making plans for Haiti and it doesn't seems like it is as easy as you say it is. My cousin's group has been working on this for many months.

    Good evening.
    Carol, the group was delayed coming to Haiti for various scheduling reasons. It is now confirmed that they will be there Aug 22-28 (Depart Raleigh, NC on Sunday and return on Saturday).
    The specific location has not be identified yet. It will depend on the needs/progress at that time. Gayland Moss is the onsite director. Don't know if you know him. He is associated with the NC Baptist Men's Disaster and Recovery Group. ( This also includes women.)
    Our church has been asked to provide 2 teams: 8-10 person construction team; 8 person medical team (2 physicians, 2 pharmacists, 4 nurses).
    The project will be construction; rebuilding churches, schools and houses. This will be masonry block construction and roof repairs. The medical clinic will be providing general medical care and drug distribution. That team will carry medical supplies.
    I noted in your last email that you will be leaving June 1st. Is this just a break, or are you heading to another area? Our SS class keeps ya'll on their prayer list, and I give updates when Andrea distributes your Prayer Requests.
    I'll keep you apprised.


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