Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finally wrote the book

I have been working for months on a book about the Haiti earthquake. Specifically I have been trying to separate the experiences of disaster relief from those that have taken over: working to help Haiti in general.

Disaster response is an effort that stands alone from any perspective in a person's life. It is like nothing else one can live through as one leaves the normal day to day of one's life and walks off of an airplane into total social chaos. One does one's work gets on an airplane after a day or week or month and steps off of that airplane back into the land of Wal-Mart.

So here is what I have done: I took the January blog and put it into a book. I wrote an introduction and an afterword. I then went through each blog post and added commentary where needed and scattered three dozen photographs throughout the manuscript. It ended up being 96 pages in and 8.25" X 8.25 " picture book. It is surprising to me how readable it seems to be. test readers who have reported back have been laudatoryhowever one questions motives when one's friends and family do this sort of review. A couple of acquaintances, Haiti veterans, have also been complementary so I feel good about it.

The link is the book on Amazon. Because of the color photography the book is, in my opinion, very expensive. I have priced it as low as I am able. This evening the self publisher (CreateSpace whom I love) is updating the cover so it shows out of print. That should be resolved tonight. If anyone gets the book I would enjoy feedback. An e-book is available at smashwords.com search 'Callout:'

Regards to all. happy holidays and remember give until it hurts then give some more.


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